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  1. Can I transfer funds to another account? Points are non-transferable between Auer Rewards accounts. However, points can be transferred from the Carrier/Bryant 'My Award Points' to your Auer Rewards account. Complete the highlighted portions of the Points Transfer request form and submit to

  2. Can I cash out? Points can only be redeemed for reward items shown in the Reward Center. Points can not be traded for cash value, account credit, or Visa Gift Cards.

  3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We want our customers 100% satisfied with their award order. Therefore, we will gladly accept returns for any merchandise award item. We will also pay for the return shipping for any returns due to damage caused in shipping, defective merchandise, or order processing errors. Simply said, if something’s wrong, we’ll do everything we can to make it right. We regret that we cannot accept returns for event tickets, travel awards, special orders or awards delivered electronically (downloaded) such as e-books, music, movies, and software. Upon receipt of your return we will issue a refund or replacement item. Please contact Customer Service @ for instructions.

  4. What happens if I leave the company? If you leave your company, the points remain in the account and cannot be transferred to another account. Access to the account will default to the owner/principal.

  5. Do the points expire? Points do not have an expiration date and can be accumulated for as long as you’d like.

  6. What if I don’t have enough points, can I buy more? Points cannot be purchased. In order to use points to purchase an item in the Rewards Center, you must have points equal to or greater than the value of the selected item. All item point values include tax and shipping.

  7. How do I earn points? Points can be earned on qualifying Auer Steel promotions.

  8. How do I create an account? Click Here to create an Auer Rewards account. One account per company. Once you submit the account registration form, you will receive an email within 7 days that includes instructions on how to access your account.

  9. Can we have multiple accounts per company? Each company has one Auer Rewards account, that will be assigned to an owner/principal.

  10. Who do I contact if I have questions about my account?  For general questions about the Auer Rewards program, please see your Auer Steel Territory Manager or email

  11. Individual accounts can earn a maximum of 3000 points/year and must be redeemed within the calendar year earned.  


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